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Dr. Gori's Resume

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My Name : Dr. Joseph Gori

My Address : You can reach me via the CCFK across
                        the street from O'hare Int'l Airport.

My E-Mail Address


To conquer this green planet and rule these primitive people with great tyranny. Also, to work for the Chicago Center For Killing and go on lengthy vacations throughout this paradise with the Lord Vader of the CCFK, Ric Vicious, and to visit the sultry beauty of Mars, the Goddess of War high atop Mount Olympus.


My experience is a healthy run on television as part of the Spectreman series that did very well in syndication. Also, in order to defeat my adversary, I have to fake my own death in order to eliminate him. To date, the Overlord has not yet found another human host to replace the deceased one, so it looks like my competition will not be a factor this time around.

I have made many scientific breakthroughs that will help these earthly idiots in that I am able to use these morons pollution to mutate various life forms into productive monsters ready to destroy everything in their paths. Cheap labor, much better than the North American governments can implement with their North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA ). I can use the polluted resources to put'em ALL out of work, whereas the governments can only cause a fraction of the populace to be rendered unemployed.

In closing, I should be made ruler of the Planet Houston.

( Thank you, Zod. )