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   What a series! When Nebula 71 of some kind of pleasure planet found out that Dr.Gori was kicked off his home planet, " Planet E, " they followed him to Earth, which is considered a developing planet to these alien pricks, and since it's the " space alliance's " or some shit's job to protect developing planets, they immediately dispatched their cyborg, Spectreman, to prevent Dr.Gori from taking over the world. Well, actually, Gori escaped his planet with the help of the other ape dude, Karas, and later on they were joined by Karas's tag-team partner Kah, who literally came outta nowhere, but anyway, Gori was the number one scientist around, but he was a 24-karat asshole, so the pigs got him. Anyway, the ape men booked and found their way to our Earth in 1971, and Gori was fascinated by the beauty of our planet, and was apalled at how humans were trashing the planet and fucking it up with pollution, so he figured, in regards to us,  

   " Fuck'em. They don't deserve it. " And he went off and made a shitload of monsters, usually using our own waste and sewage. Instead of targeting the real culprits, Mr.Business Man and Mr.Politician, the fucking monkey figured he'd get us all, so one episode after another saw a monster go on a rampage and flip out, and then Nebula 71's human host, George, would ask Overlord for permission to transform into Spectreman and kick the monster's ass. 
        The monster usually did the job, but there were times when Spectreman would lose. Believe it or not, one time Spectreman even put over a fucking cockroach! Since the rest of the world hates America, and the Overlord can clearly see this, as can the rest of the coaches, or whatever, on Nebula 71, they had Spectreman only  accept bookings in Japan.  Hey, at times things can get a little rough, so he had an array of foreign objects, like these Chinese star things that I think are called shurikens, he had a freezing ray, and a bad-ass Spectre-Flash! He could become gigantic or tiny at will, and could fly several times faster than the speed of sound, which for all the scientists reading this, yes, that would be Mach 8. Spectreman's day job, without the mask, was at the Pollution Research Bureau, under his real name, Joji Gamo, or " George," to us in the States.  
               When the series began, the show was named after the lead heel and dubbed " Space Apeman Gori, " before the bookers changed it, after episode 21, to " Space Apeman Gori vs Spectreman, " before finally being called " Spectreman "at episode 40. It was Shoji Ushio, or Sagisu Tomio, whatever the fuck wants to call himself, who created this show and it was broadcast in France and the U.S. There were a total of 63 shows. After Gori did the job, Spectreman went back to his home planet.